Thursday, 4 April 2013

I've been a bit slow getting the momentum going on Old Farm New Farm, but there's a very good reason. There's a baby on the way. Oh and we're renovating a house as well. 

I'm about 38 weeks now and have finally decided to wind down and limit myself to light duties. So crafting it is. 

I had a go at my first quilt, a bassinet blanket. It was a bit spare of the moment but fell in love with the fabric on a recent trip to Spotlight.

 Can you tell we're having a girl?

Design features include two layers of wool wadding because I'm paranoid the baby's going to be cold coming into winter. I'm also putting a layer of wool over the mattress for extra warmth.

Mums been busy too, madly knitting. I've shared some of her creations below.

So the count downs on, who's gong to come first the baby or the new bathroom. My bet is on the baby, they tend to be unpredictable.

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