Monday, 2 April 2012

The Flavour Garden

My first foray into to real gardening this year was inspired by a cookbook I purchased last Christmas titled Fast, Fresh & Green by Susie Middleton. The subject matter is vegetables but in no way is it just a vegetarian cookbook.

The book is a carefully thought out compilation of cooking technique and experience and has become invaluable to me in the kitchen. Susie's message is simple but effective and has changed the way I prepare every meal. She's taught me that all you need is the right technique and a few simple ingredients to create a mouthwatering and flavourful meal.

So where does the Flavour Garden fit in... Well now, with my new found skills I'm only limited by my imagination and what I have on hand. So in the interest of flavour I needed a herb garden.

I thought it was important to locate the garden in a sunny north facing plot close to the house. I didn't want to be traipsing around in the dark to gather my herbs for dinner.

The plot was an old succulent rockery so it was a bit of work removing all the rocks. The soil underneath hadn't been turned over in 40 years. I know this because we found a Coke can that was still measured in fluid ounces.

Three months on and the gardens is getting quite established. I have a nice collection of herbs, chillies, spring onions, and hopefully in the near future will be home to garlic and maybe even ginger.

The garden is fast becoming an indispensable addition to the kitchen.

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